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What Makes Sacacuento Mezcal So Special?

There are a lot of Mezcal brands popping up over the world and only a few things make them truly different. Sacacuento Mezcal is a family-owned brand of Mezcal made the artisan way from Oaxaca Mexico. Plants are grown on the family-owned ranch, Rancho Buenaventura.

The photo you see here is of the late Ventura Maldonado, son of Emilio Maldonado, the original settler and owner of the property. Sacacuento Mezcal will remain a family tradition for all to enjoy for generations to come.


Ambassador - Sacacuento Mezcal. Mark is the son-in-law of The Mezcal King, Rudy Favila and is the CMO of Sacacuento Mezcal and Premium Mezcales LLC

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